SECO BSP Documentation

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The below article explains how to build and install the SECO Linux OS BSP, where BSP stands for Board Support Package, on the i.MX platform.
It also covers SECO special features like Embedded Controller ,CPLD(Complex Programmable logic device) and LPC (Low Pin count interface) On-board and how to use them.The below section describes how to customize the SECO BSP according to the user needs and it will helps you to reduce the development time.

i.MX6 BSP 5.0

BSP 5.0 Components List

Getting Started with BSP 5.0

Back-Up and Restore a BSP 5.0

Qseven Carrier Boards

Getting a Custom BSP 5.0

Customization BSP 5.0

Yocto Build Guidline

i.MX6 BSP 6.0

BSP 6.0 Components List

Getting Started with BSP 6.0


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SECOMEXP-TK1 Customization Guide

COM Express Carrier boards