Create a Bootable SD using Precompiled Images


This page will guide you to flash your SD using the most recent images provided by SECO in order to build a bootable SD with U-Boot, Kernel and Filesystem.
It is possible to manually download the officials SECO's Kernel and Uboot images and Filesystem from
You can also get a script that automatically chooses and downloads the correct configuration according to your SECO product number.
Please note that this guide is applicables only for iMX6 BSP 5.0.

What do you Need

  1. An Host PC with linux O.S.
  2. The product number of your SECO board.
  3. SD Card equal or greater than 2GB. Please note that all data will be lost!

How To

The fastest way to create your bootable SD is to use the script.

The script will help you in building-up your system:

  1. Will ask you to insert your product number [e.g. Q928-V3C0-B0B0-I1 ]
  2. Will ask you to choose a Filesystem.
  3. Will check for kernel, u-boot or Filesystem updates.
  4. If needed, it automatically download the last update of Kernel image, u-boot image and the Filesystem from SECO server.
  5. Will flash the iMX6 BSP 5.0 based system on your SD device.

The script will automatically chooses the board's default configuration according to your SECO product number and is the fastest way to start.
If you prefer to manually download the officials SECO's Kernel and Uboot images and Filesystem, please visit this page and proceed with Creating a Bootable SD.
If you need to deeply customize your system, take a look to Getting a Custom BSP 5.0.

If you would like to use the SECO's flashing script, please perform the following steps.

Step 1: Download and run the script

First of all, insert the SD device on your host PC, than run:

#fdisk -l

in order to discovery the correct device name [e.g. /dev/sdx].

You will now need to download and run the script: From CLI, please execute:

$mkdir -p ./seco_bin
$mkdir -p ./seco_bin/mount_tmp
#chmod +x

Please change <PRODUCT_NUMBER> with your product number.

Step 2: Following the script interactive dialog

Which Filesystem would you like to use?

Flashing 1.png

The script will output the last Filesystem list available on SECO web server.
If you haven’t an Internet connection, the script will search in ./seco_bin/ folder for local file.
The script will now start to download / update your Kernel, U-Boot and Filesystem.

Select the device you would like to flash:

Flashing 2.png

Type the device (without partition number => e.g. /dev/sdx )
All SD content will be lost after this operation. If you are sure about what you are doing, type answer ‘y’ in order to begin the flashing process.
The script will now writes u-boot, kernel and Filesystem on the device.
The entire process may take some minutes, so please be patient.

Now you should have something similar to:

Flashing 3.png

You are now ready to boot your system!

Step 3: Booting the system

Safely remove SD from the host PC.
Insert the SD card into the board plug, then power on the board. The Board will boot now!
If you want to modify some bootargs parameter, please refer to Seco Config .
Default Accounts available for your new system are listed here.